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PVC profiles

PVC profiles are used every day in construction and are very popular because of their excellent properties. PVC profiles are of high quality, insuring required strength and load-bearing capacity while elements constructed using PVC profiles are statically stable. Beside the above mentioned properties, PVC profiles insure heat and sound insulation, a modern design and resistance to water and air. Due to a low thermal conductivity of plastic, PVC carpentry materials provide good thermal insulation. Cold air, heat and noise are kept outside contributing to the cost effectiveness of your heating or air conditioning systems.


Custom design

PVC materials allow for practically any type of a custom-made design in accordance with client’s specifications and specific environmental/regional requirements. In accordance with client’s drafts, doors and windows may be manufactured in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, styles, opening mechanisms, for use in both old and new residential buildings: turn windows and doors, tilt and turn windows and doors, multifold doors and windows with columns and bars, bi-fold windows without columns, rotating windows, fixed glazing, windows with sloped and round arches, crossbar windows, inwards and outwards opening entrance doors, tilting and awning sliding doors as well as the accordion doors.


Taking into consideration the fact that %70 of heating energy is lost via doors, windows and outside walls, the choice and installation of carpentry is of great importance.



We manufacture PVC windows using profiles exclusively combined with quality glass and quality window fittings, to meet almost any requirement. When it comes to profiles, the most advanced are the auxiliary profiles - various joint PVC profiles, expansion PVC profiles, static PVC profiles for reinforcement of larger carpentry structures, etc.

Finishing treatment and protection

Protection of PVC profile surfaces is practically not required. After it was manufactured through the process of extrusion, a profile is installed “as-is”. Each profile is shipped enclosed into a protective plastic foil which is removed after installation.