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PVC doors and windows

Modern technology brings new materials and methods of use in order to improve different aspects of living. PVC doors and windows thus entered our lives, in order to reduce the costs of living and investments in interior decoration.

PVC doors and windows may reduce heating bills during the winter season; also, by providing better thermal insulation in summer, this solution helps you reduce cooling and air conditioning costs, yielding multiple benefits in the long run. A beneficial quality-cost ratio makes PVC doors and windows your first choice when redecorating or building a new home.

Here are some of the numerous advantages of PVC doors and windows:

  • Maintenance-friendly – occasional wiping with soft cloth dipped in detergent; lubrication of certain elements as needed, according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • No painting required
  • No rust or rotting – wood and metal elements are susceptible to rust and rotting; this is not the case with PVC elements which, unlike wood elements, do not require additional protection
  • No deformation – plastic profiles are hard and sturdy, and they are impact- and water-resistant
  • Heat-resistance – plastic profiles will burn only if exposed to a strong heat source; those profiles are labeled as self-extinguishing
  • Excellent thermal and sound insulation – contemporary windows are made with two sheets of glass which, in combination with the PVC frames, contributes to a greater success in reduction of heat loss
  • Diversity of styles and solutions to suit different needs
  • Ecologically sound products – although plastic takes a long time to decompose, PVC materials are commendable for their recyclability and energy consumption efficiency in the process of manufacture
  • Ease of installation


Cost effectiveness

PVC doors and windows are durable, fulfill basic functional requirements, are maintenance-friendly, esthetically pleasing and cost effective.


PVC doors and windows provide a comfortable place of living and a peace of mind, are a perfect solution and an investment for a happier future.



Whether your are building a new home or redecorating an old one, it is exceptionally import to make a right decision when it comes to doors and windows. Doors and windows made of PVC materials are just the right solution.

PVC in your home

Too Cost effective and durable

PVC windows are an example of cutting edge technology and design, presenting a combination of profiles and as such excel in sturdiness and durability. All these qualities are a reason enough for you to change your old materials with modern and cost effective ones, which will protect your home from adverse environmental conditions and provide you with a piece of mind without the high costs that this usually involves…


Your window to the world

Windows and windowed doors bring light, sunshine and sun warmth into your home, representing a real communication between outdoors and indoors and creating an overall image of the house. Windows and windowed doors also play a decisive role when it comes to the impression of harmony of the façade of your home.


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